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The Chocolate Bar
Category: Just Desserts
Price Range: 5$-10$ per person.
Area: Montrose/River Oaks & Rice Village
Phone Number: 713-520-8599 (River Oaks/Montrose Location) & 713-520-8888 (Rice Village Location)
Our rating
10 out of 10

The Chocolate Bar has the best desserts in Houston. I’ve decreed it, and so it shall be. I know, that’s a big declaration, but it’s true. They make better cake than your mom, and better ice cream than your grandma. Hands down, I’m in love with this place. I can’t even complain about the fact that a slice of cake costs 6-10$. It is more than worth it. If you are looking to impress your date, take him or her here. They say chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and the Chocolate Bar is the ultimate chocolate. The Chocolate bar is so good that it has received our first 10 rating.

The Chocolate Bar Houston Cake CaseThe Chocolate Bar Houston Cake Case
Pictures of cakes in the Chocolate Bar display case"

Anyways, now that I am done gushing...

We had a piece of Really Rocky Road and a piece of Bayou City Mud Pie. The Really Rocky Road was a piece of dense chocolate cake with marshmallows and walnuts mixed in. It’s covered in chocolate sauce, more chopped walnuts, and more marshmallows. I can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness.

The Chocolate Bar Houston Really Rocky Road Cake
Really Rocky Road Cake

The Bayou City Mud Pie was a brownie covered in chocolate mousse, then topped brownie chunks, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Also, excellently delicious.

The Chocolate Bar Bayou City Mud Pie
Bayou City Mud Pie

The ice cream is priced comparably to any other ice cream shop, and they have some cool flavors like root beer float and chocolate banana pudding. The ice cream is smooth and delicious. We were really excited to try the frozen hot chocolate, but we were there just before closing and they had run out. (Update: We tried the frozen hot chocolate. It wasn't very good. When compared to the richness of their cakes, it's hard to discern much flavor out of the hot chocolate, and it leaves a funny after taste.

As I mentioned, the cake is either 6, 7, or 10$ per slice depending on the cake, but the 10$ pieces are really huge and can easily be shared to add another romantic touch to a date, and the 6 and 7 dollar pieces can probably be shared too if you go after dinner.

Since there’s not much else to say about a place that only serves dessert, I’ll finish this review with a bunch of pictures. The other half of the restaurant is a chocolate store, with any chocolate you can imagine, including chocolate covered fruit, and right next door (we were at the Alabama location) is an awesome candy shop, so make sure you wear an elastic waist if you venture here. Their crazy confections are also great conversation starters, if your hot date happens to be a first date!

The Chocolate Bar Houston Chocolate RemoteThe Chocolate Bar Houston Chocolate Tennis Racket
On the left, Chocolate Remote Controls, and on the right, Chocolate Tennis Rackets

The Chocolate Bar Houston Chocolate Beauty Kit and Dollar SignThe Chocolate Bar Houston Chocolate And Candy Pizza
On the left, a Chocolate Beauty Kit and Dollar Sign, on the Right a Chocolate and Candy Pizza.

The Chocolate Bar Houston PeopleBonesThe Chocolate Bar Houston Dog Treats
They sell Chocolate "people bones" and Dog-safe faux-chocolate dog treats. Can you tell which is which?

The Chocolate Bar is a deserving recipient of HTownFoodReviews' first perfect 10 score.

Positives: Great cake, great ice cream, great shop, great chocolate treats.

Negatives: I could whine a little about the prices, but it was so good that I don't even feel right doing that. The portions are big enough to share anyways. Frozen Hot Chocolate wasn't good at all.

Montrose/River Oaks Location: The Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon
Rice Village Location: The Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon

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